Custom Software

We can develop bespoke applic ations for Windows Desktop, Mobile Applications and Websites to meet your requirements. From start to finish we want to provide a development process you feel comfortable with. To achieve this we will discuss your requirements with you, producing and documenting an agreed set of User Requirements, which will be used as the starting point for the contract with you through the life of the project, but we remain flexible to cater for changes and new requirements as we progress, through the use of an appropriate Software Development Process e.g. Agile. Our aim is to build a long lasting relationship with you so that you have a resource that you can rely on in the future and trust to do the job that you need.


The software produced for you does what you want and is designed from the ground up to fulfil your requirements and will perform the whole task, i.e. the software can be designed to your processes. If you purchase off the self software, often it will be inflexible, only performing part of the job you want it to do. This will probably mean you would have to change your process so that you can fit in with the way the software operates.

The old phrase “Time is Money” is and will always be something any business will need to consider. With a custom software system

  • processes are partially or totally automated;
  • Processes become repeatable, and things don’t get missed;
  • Data entry can be verified reducing the need to revisit and correct mistakes;
  • Required data, reports etc can be easily provided from a few button presses.


Despite custom software being considered more expensive, in the long run, it can prove to be a wiser investment, things to keep in mind:

  • Based on the return on investment and other long term considerations, Off the self software is likely to have hidden costs to your business e.g. changing your process to fit. This will mean having your own business app is actually likely to be less costly than getting one from the open market. An app from the open market requires investing more money to improve, and in the end, may never meet your business needs as well as a customized app can. Costs are further contained since you are able to identify and incorporate all your specific needs into the software at creation.
  • Custom software gives businesses the freedom to use and modify the application to meet needs and allows total control of the software allowing for further personalization to meet specific needs.
  • Security is at the heart of business and software success, especially for online businesses; you do not want an application that will be easily compromised from inside or outside. Custom software reduces these security risks, reducing security-related costs by letting you worry about fewer specific and targeted attacks. You can have extra security measures in your software to ensure safety if required.
  • Custom software is made for and allows easy integration with already existing and in use programs and other software in your business. The software can be designed for seamless integration for uninterrupted and easy adoption. Easy integration translates to easier adoption and acceptance of the tool within the business for improved productivity.


Here are a few key items why we feel we can provide you with the system you require:

  • All software is written and tested to exacting internal standards based on ISO 9001 and software development guidance used in the finance and aviation industries, so quality is assured.
  • A User specification will be generated from your requirements which need to be agreed before we start implementation, so you will know exactly what you are getting, but with sufficient flexibility to cater for changes and new requirements as we progress.
  • From the initial requirements capture an appropriate Software Development Process / Life cycle will be defined and used for the project, with customer preferences taken on board, making you central to the development process.
  • If required a user guide or on-line help system can be provided.
  • You will be kept involved during the development with regular progress updates and a pre-arranged milestones. We want to ensure the software we produce matches your expectations as defined within the user requirements and that it can be provided within the agreed timescale.
  • While you are a licensed user you receive free maintenance and support. This includes all bug fixes relating to the user requirements, as well as e-mail support.