Services We Can Provide

We offer services to cover the whole software development lifecycle, from requirements capture through to  testing and system analysis.  Use us to fill any gaps you feel you have within you company, for any of the following areas…


Excellon prides itself on the ability to deliver quality services, whether your need is for Programme or Project Management we are here to help.

We offer strong, expert leadership from the outset of the process to give our clients the confidence and re-assurance that the project will be delivered allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business.

We are not only there to manage the programme or project on your behalf but we can also offer assistance in applying best practise techniques to empower you to achieve the best results.


The coal face as far as software systems are concerned, generation of robust and correct code are key to successful deployment of software solutions to your business problems.

We can supplement your development team as you require using a multitude of Microsoft development technologies, both old and new.

Having gained over 30 years of experience in various fields of development we have applied our skills to provide our customers the solutions that they want.


Document production to support the development process is a key element of software production within the aerospace industry to allow certification of systems by the appropriate authorities, CAA and EASA.

We are therefore ideally suited to produce high quality technically correct documentation. Though many may consider documentation generation a waste of resource, as systems become larger and more complex the benefits of good quality documentation become clear with regards  the maintenance of these systems.


Effective testing and where appropriate system analysis should always be considered a key factor in providing confidence that software systems are free from bugs from the first software release.

We have experience of both manual and automated testing for system testing through to unit test and software analysis e.g. peer reviews and formal methods etc.


We have extensive experience in the development of relational databases in several different formats including MS Access, SQL, MySQL and Raven.

In an information driven society that we live in today these databases form the backbone of many software solutions, so this aspect of any system must be given careful consideration. The old maxim garbage in, garbage out holds true today as much as it has ever done.