Website Design

Website Design can be many things to many people, and you will probably get many differing opinions on what they should look like, the technology to be used to create them and whether you need to have a Contents Management System.
Excellon Systems consider the website as a business tool, one string to your business bow. The importance of this particular string may vary  from one company to the next, but  it should always be integrated into the overall business strategy for it to be most affective.


In essence a website should be a portal to your business or organisation and therefore should relay your philosophy and ethos to the wider world and your potential customers or users.

Do you have a clear understanding of what you want but have no time or inclination to do it yourself,or do you have no idea where to start?  This is where we can help with our Website Design service, so we can take the effort and mystery out of the world wide web and help you create the on-line presence you need.

We will endeavour to take all this into consideration during the design phase of your website and work with you to produce something we can be both be proud of.  We will take your requirements for your website and identify the appropriate technology to fit , or if you have a preference we can certainly try to accommodate this where possible. We have experience in developing sites in various technologies ranging from Serif WebPlus, WordPress, Microsoft Visual studio Web Forms and MVC using  PHP, and ASP .NET. Database technology is also becoming more important with today’s websites and we have experience with integrating Access, SQL, MySQL and Raven on websites and desktop applications.

Why not contact us today to see what we can do for you.